Our Closing Letter to Patients

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To our valued patients,

For the past nineteen years, it has been our pleasure to help our patients break free from pain, and we appreciate that you have entrusted your care to us. It is therefore with great sadness that we announce that Pain Consultants of Oregon is closing its doors. We will continue seeing patients scheduled through January 27, at which time we will no longer be available to serve your medical needs.

As many of our patients know, Pain Consultants of Oregon experienced a major change in ownership two years ago when two of our owner physicians separated from the practice. While it was our hope to quickly fill their spaces in the clinic, recruitment took longer than expected and the financial burden of operating our facility has proved too great for the remaining owner. While I have explored numerous options for reorganization and engaged in negotiations to avoid closing on such short notice, delay has become unfeasible and we are forced to close on short notice.

Due to the accelerated timeline of this closure, we are unable to provide any further information about your specific provider’s future location or ability to accept patients. We will update their profiles on this site when more information becomes available. We recognize the hardship this creates for you and deeply apologize that we were not able to provide more notice or assistance in finding alternate care. We encourage you to make arrangements as soon as possible to select a new physician to ensure that you receive uninterrupted pain management care.

Once you have selected a new physician, you will need to complete an authorization to release your medical records so that we can forward a copy of your records to your new physician. Unfortunately, your medical records cannot be released without written authorization from you.

Thank you for having chosen Pain Consultants of Oregon as your care provider. It has been our pleasure and honor to serve you, and we wish you continued health and wellness.


Peter Kosek, MD