September 2016 Patient Seminar: Diet & Inflammation


Thought to negatively affect chronic pain, inflammation can be reduced – or worsened – by certain foods. Join Chris and Sierra, the nutrition enthusiasts in PCO’s research department, to learn about low-inflammation food choices and eating practices that can help you feel your best.

You will learn:

  • How social factors influence eating behavior and food choices.
  • How food choices impact inflammation in your body.
  • Ways to increase variety in your diet in an economical way.
  • To create your individual “food mantra” to help guide your food choices.


Chris Green | Pain Consultans of Oregon

Chris Green

After serving in the Marine Corps, Chris Green attended graduate school in Texas. There, he taught health and fitness classes and worked with employees at 3M Corporation’s health promotion program. He moved to Oregon and developed and implemented nutrition programs with high school football players while working at Oregon Health and Science Unviersity. His interest in nutrition, particularly for athletic performance, continues today. He currently works in PCO’s research department, and earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

Sierra Hovdey

Sierra Hovdey, RN

Sierra Hovdey first became interested in nutrition when she started her own health improvement journey. She completed several seminars, conferences and courses and experimented with making different food choices. She found that simple changes had profound effects on how she felt, and set her first major exercise goal: to complete one million meters on a rowing machine. It took her one year to achieve her goal, and has gone on to achieve more – including the Eugene Half Marathon. She believes goal setting is an important part of achieving wellness and enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge to help others. Sierra currently works in PCO’s research department.